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ISSUE #319 - 10-Nov-2013


Here are the new Things To Think About that have been contributed since the last update:

Why do manufactures of ladders put stickers on the top step of ladders warning you not to step on that step? Wouldn't it be better if there was no top step to step on?

Why do drug companies advertise on TV? It's not like we can buy the stuff without a prescription, is it?

Why are they called Shaved Beef Sandwiches and Pulled Pork Sandwiches? Why not Pulled Beef Sandwiches and Shaved Pork Sandwiches?

Can't a smile make everything better?

Shouldn't we be less worried about the earth's age and more worried about the years it has left?

If we can put a man on the moon, why can't we put them all there?

Why is it that men who can go through severe accidents, air raids, and any other major crisis always seems to think that they are at death's door when they have a simple head cold?

If pre-existing conditions are covered, it's not insurance, is it? Wouldn't it be a sure thing?

Why is there a book in the library with the title "How to Read a Book"? If you can't read a book how can you read a book on how to read a book?

Why is the grass green?

Why is it that people will hurt you without any hesitation, but then ask you to consider their feelings when seeking forgiveness?

Don't you just love people who have only one thing to give: advice?

So what makes you think Batman doesn't have some kryptonite packed away in his utility belt somewhere?

Speaking of Superman, why do people in Metropolis get excited if they really thought they saw a bird or plane?

Would Eminem be considered a candy rapper?

Why is it that people with the most narrow of minds seem to have the widest of mouths?

When you're over the hill, isn't it all down hill from there?

Do you ever wonder what you future spouse is doing right now?

How can you seriously sing "White Christmas" when your home is in South Africa?

Why is it often more difficult to make plumbing repairs than what is shown on You Tube?

If most of these questions are about lies, do most people really lie all that much?

Why is it that Facebook gives you the option to 'Like' your own status?

How long does it take to do nothing?

Take Care and Keep Thinking,
Don Fowler, A Gadzillion Things To Think About
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