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ISSUE #317 - 24-Feb-2013


Here are the new Things To Think About that have been contributed since the last update:

Do pigs communicate using ham radios?

How do spiders figure out just exactly where eye height is, so they can put a web across the path at that exact spot?

Why are bra's and panties sold in sets? Who sees them when they are worn differently?

Why is there the letter "C" in the English language? Shouldn't it always be an "S" or a "K"?

We all know that if you flush a toilet in the northern hemisphere it flushes clockwise and in the southern hemisphere it's counterclockwise, right? But what would happen at the equator?

Why is insanity a valid defense for murder? Anyone who murders another person has to be insane to some extent, don't they?

Just what is a "certifiable fact"? Who is in charge of certifying facts? And are they certified to certify facts?

Doesn't every employed person make at least a 6 figure salary? The problem is where the decimal point is located, isn't it?

How can you be "pro-life" while supporting the death penalty?

How is it that engineers can hit an asteroid moving at thousands of miles an hour with a probe and have the probe return to Earth with rock samples, but they can't get traffic signals timed correctly to ease traffic congestion?

Why is it we always hear about traffic jams? What about traffic jellies?

When Mother Nature gives us a mild winter, how long does it take for the natural gas companies to increase our heating bills to match their lost income?

Is the water in the clouds wet?

Take Care and Keep Thinking,
Don Fowler, A Gadzillion Things To Think About
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