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ISSUE #300 - 13-Feb-2010


Here are the new Things To Think About that have been contributed since the last update:

Why do we have to buy pants? Don't dogs pant all day for free?

They say that cat's urine glows under a blacklight, right? But who would be shinning black lights on cat urine? And why?

Why do men cherish a woman's external beauty when it is ephemeral and do not cherish a woman's internal beauty when it is eternal?

Why aren't there any dumb brunette jokes?

Why is the small intestine so much longer than the large intestine?

Why do some people dye their hair white?

If a man were to have his brain transplanted into a woman's body, would the resulting person be him or her?

If you lose your mind, why can't you find it again?

Is it called "Dim Sum" because you have some and "dim sum" more?

Why do men go to work wearing a noose around the neck?

Why don't vegans see that they are causing undue suffering for plants?

Why is it that a woman denotes her marital status by her title (Miss, Mrs.) but men don't?

If they are certain we are going to heaven, why does everyone cry at the funeral?

If we go on vacation to relax, why do we wear ourselves out on it?

If God created the universe, what created God?

Doesn't UFO stand for unidentifed flying object and when you here it you think of aliens? But what if it is just a new flying object we don't no about? Is it still a UFO? And would the government shoot it down?

Do born-again Christians have to wait 18 more years before they can vote?

Since politicians always break their promises, why do they bother promising anything?

When we capitalize "I" and not "you" are we saying that I am more important than you?

Why do we persist in trying to get away with it while maintaining that no one ever does?

If transplanting an organ means removal of the organ from one body to place in another, then why do we refer to transplanting a brain as a "whole body transplant"?

Is not having to diet a state of dinner freedom?

If you quit smoking cold turkey, does it mean you used to light up lunch meats?

Why is it that it is considered humane to put a pet to sleep to ease its suffering but not a person?

If God is good, why are all the Acts of God bad?

How can every insurance company promise to save me 15-20% below the others?

If a man steals a woman's identity or a woman steals a man's identity, isn't that gender identity confusion?

Why does it seem that the only people who beg for forgiveness are the ones who get caught?

If you kill someone who is stolen your identity, why isn't it simply considered suicide?

If you take your identity back from someone who has stolen your identity, isn't that theft as well?

If you say you are sorry after you are caught, are you sorry you did it or are you sorry you were caught?

Why is it that if you want to change your gender, you are transgendered but if you want to change your race, you aren't transracial?

Why is rose a word that means up? I thought it was a flower, didn't you?

Why are smiley faces yellow? Why aren't they red or blue or green?

Why is it that when women dress in men's clothes it is sexy but when men dress in women's clothes it is abhorred?

Why do we feel embarassed by the truth but not the lie?

Can firemen put out a fire on a trick birthday candle factory the first try?

Does an athiest have to accept on faith that God knows that the athiest knows that God doesn't exist?

Why are American lawyers the only people with a doctorate who don't call themselves "Dr."?

If a vegetarian is killed by a Zombie and then becomes a Zombie is it OK for them to eat meat?

Why doesn't a man understand that his girlfriend doesn't want an honest answer to the question, "Do I look fat?"?. Doesn't she always want him to say 'no'?

Why can't men understand that when a woman says, "no", she means "no"?

Why do women persist in asking their boyfriends if they look fat when they are not willing to accept an honest answer?

If we all are descended from Adam and Eve and they were Africans, why aren't all Americans considered African-Americans?

If dogs are a man's best friend, why does he refer to a woman he does not like by using the term that means a female dog?

If dogs are a man's best friend, why does a man refer to another man who he does not like by saying that he is a son of a term that means a female dog?

Why do men refer to women who they like by a term that means a baby chicken?

Why do women who complain during the whole pregnancy and while giving birth want to get pregnant again?

Why does a man call his girlfriend his "baby" when she is usually the one who takes care of him?

Why is it that an Arab who immigrates to the United States of America from North Africa isn't an African-American and an Arab who immigrates to the United States of America from Asia's Middle East isn't an Asian-American?

Why are there Eurasians but not Eurafricans or Africasians?

Why is it that Afrikaners are not African-American when they emigrate to the United States?

Why can't you roll back the miles on the odometer by driving in reverse?

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