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ISSUE #295 - 26-Apr-2009


Here are the new Things To Think About that have been contributed since the last update:

If dragons only eat beautiful maidens, wouldn't that mean more and more people would be ugly? Would that also account for the small number of dragons in this world? Then again, why would a dragon want to eat a maiden, when cows and other such animals are much more plentiful? There just isn't that much meat on a beautiful maiden, is there?

Do frogs have an easy life because they can always eat what bugs them?

Can short sighted drivers get prescription windshields?

We have enough youth, don't we? What about a fountain of intelligence?

Are people born stupid or do they have to work at it?

Isn't the opposite of wishing, working?

Why do people that have a house pay to sleep in a bush when people that sleep in a bush wish they could pay for a house?

If you didn't celebrate birthday's and at work it was someone's birthday, would you not sign the card and just eat the cake?

If all the newspaper companies go bankrupt, what will we use in the bottom of the birdcage?

Is the economy so bad now that CEOs have to play miniature golf?

How come an 'instant' dessert has to chill for an hour?

Do you think that maybe you are not overweight, just undertall?

Aren't diets and exercise two useful tools to fight hazardous waists?

Are you overweight if you live beyond your seams?

Doesn't everyone who diets gain in the end?

If you eat every time you see food, can you say that you are on a seafood diet?

Were children that get cancer, smokers in a former life?

How come the more a diamond is cut the more it sparkles?

Why are they called "manhole covers"? They don't cover any holes in men or men themselves, do they? Aren't they really "streethole covers"?

How come what's right is what's left after everything else you've done is wrong?

Why are the people who mend shoes also so good at cutting keys?

Are Genealogists dying to stop at cemeteries?

Who is Skinny Bone Jones?

Isn't middle age the awkward period when Father Time starts catching up with Mother Nature?

If you went for lessons in bicycle riding, but could only afford half the lessons, would you be able to ride a unicycle?

Would the reason that Mexico doesn't have an Olympic team be because everybody who can run, jump and swim are already in the United States?

Should you trust a computer that you can't throw out a window?

Isn't the Internet just a telephone system that's gotten uppity?

Why is it that all the vowels, except 'A', are in the top line of the keyboard? Why put it in the second row?

How come a lot of motorists drive past barricades that were put up to stop them from proceeding further on a road? Should they also be putting up a sign that says to not pass the barricades? And even further, do they need to put up another sign that says to read the sign?

Why is it that when you're sitting in traffic every lane is moving EXCEPT yours?

Is rain saved up in cloud banks?

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