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ISSUE #287 - 26-Jun-2008

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Here are the new Things To Think About that have been contributed since the last update:

Some deodorant bottles have the part you push to make more deodorant come out, right? So why does the bottle then say "to apply, push up bottom"? Doesn't that sound so wrong?

Why are mammals/fish/birds called 'animals' but we are only called 'humans'? Aren't we mammals too?

Did you ever wonder why product sale prices end in a odd number?

If MacDonald's had a supermarket chain, whenever someone bought ketchup (or catsup, if you prefer), would the cashier ask, "Would you like fries with that?"?

Who are these people who put braille in weird places? I just saw braille on a sign on the sidewalk. A blind person isn't going to know to read the braille on the sign, will they? Won't they simply fall over the thing because THEIR BLIND?

Isn't it true that people don't care how much you know until they know how much you care?

Happiness consists not in having much, but in being content with little, doesn't it?

In TV shows, when the character is being chased by something like a car or train or something, why do they always run in the same direction instead of running off to the side out of the way?

If there are billions of stars in the universe, why is it black?

Did you ever wonder why it is called a piggy bank?

If tartar is that stuff on your teeth, then what is Tartar sauce made from?

Why do people ask questions about answers they don't want to hear?

Why do we choose to ignore the obvious but accept the ridiculous?

Why do we only have itches where and when we can't scratch them?

They tell us that if we are lost at sea we should never drink the salt water because it's bad for us, right? So how come when you are admitted to a hospital, the first thing they do is pump salt water through an IV into you?

Where is the shadow of a doubt and how can I get beyond it?

Isn't it easier to share our cynicism with strangers than our dreams with friends?

When they paint those large oil tanks, do they use latex or oil-based paint?

Why is the truth so hard to believe?

Why is it called stretching the truth when you're lying?

Why do we always have to wait for five minutes when someone says 'Please wait a minute'?

Hot flashes are part of a hormonal change in women, right? So why didn't we have them when the hormones were starting to kick in, as well as when they are running out?

Why can't we have hot flashes when we need them -- when it's cold?

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs, right? Isn't the payment in pure love?

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts, are you? Doesn't a mother always have to think twice? Once for herself and once for her child?

If you're thinking about SOMETHING are your thinking or remembering?

If concentration is deep thinking what is not thinking at all called?

Why is it that no matter how small a town is that there has to be a pair of shoes tied together slung over a wire hanging above a road?

When ghost hunters die, do they hunt themselves?

Why is it only in baseball and hockey that we see players constantly spit all over the playing surface?

Why is it called e-mail? Did they have to discard a through d mail first?

If you google "Google" will your computer get stuck in a loop?

If you have a rotary phone, do you still have to press 1 for English?

Since we don't use typewriters anymore, should 'typos' now be called 'keyboardos'?

When a small plane with pontoons lands on water, why do we say it landed? Shouldn't we say it watered?

Won't the problem of people not looking to cross the street fix itself, if we leave it alone?

We keep seeing signs for "loose gravel", right? So where can we get some tight gravel?

What's with the phrase 'Limited Edition' on some automobiles? Aren't they all limited editions?

Why do the walk signs only stay green long enough to allow the pedestrian to get to the middle of the street? Are these machines designed to wipe out all pedestrians? What about people using walkers and wheelchairs?

Why is it that the people who put multiple bumper stickers on their cars always mount them crooked?

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