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[Nominee TLTC WAAP]
AS Rated 4.0
NurSpeak's Bronze Pill Award
[NurSpeak's Bronze Pill Award]

AS Rated 4.0
Pharaoh Merit Award
[Pharaoh Merit Award]
AS Rated 4.0
Psychohelp Bronze Award for Internet Education
[Psychohelp Bronze Award for Internet Education]

AS Rated 4.0
Quality Trading Award of Excellence
[Quality Trading Award of Excellence]

AS Rated 4.0
RDL National Featured Website
[RDL National Featured Website]
AS Rated 4.0
Seasons of Change Silver Award
[Seasons of Change Silver Award]
AS Rated 4.0
Simply Submit It Site Award for Excellence
[Simply Submit It Site Award for Excellence]
AS Rated 4.0
Site of the Month Award (Mutley's Magic)
[Site of the Month Award (Mutley's Magic)]
AS Rated 4.0
Southern Nytes Award of Elegance
[Southern Nytes Award of Elegance]
AS Rated 4.0
Spiffy Entertainment Bronze Award
[Spiffy Entertainment Bronze Award]

AS Rated 4.0
StarSaber's Award of Excellence
[StarSaber's Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 4.0
TLTC Wild Adventure Bronze Award
[TLTC Wild Adventure Bronze Award]
AS Rated 4.0
Topher's Castle - Pau Hana Award
[Topher's Castle - Pau Hana Award]
AS Rated 4.0
Uwe's Family Award
[Uwe's Family Award]
AS Rated 4.0