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OSW Great Site Merit Award
[OSW Great Site Merit Award]

AS Rated 2.5
Outstanding Site Award
[Outstanding Site Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Oz Award of Excellence (Latrobe City)
[Oz Award of Excellence (Latrobe City)]
AS Rated 2.5
Pat's Cats Web Wonder Award
[Pat's Cats Web Wonder Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Peter's Donna Summer Discography Award (2 Stars)
[Peter's Donna Summer Discography Award (2 Stars)]

AS Rated 2.5
Sage Advice Bright Site Award
[Sage Advice Bright Site Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Shannon's Flawless Site Award
[Shannon's Flawless Site Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Shari's Corner Outstanding Webmaster Award
[Shari's Corner Outstanding Webmaster Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Shav's Gold Award
[Shav's Gold Award]

AS Rated 2.5
Shawn's King of the Web Award
[Shawn's King of the Web Award]
AS Rated 2.5
AS Rated 2.5
Sim's Award of Excellence
[Sim's Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 2.5
Site of the Week (Sky & Wolfers)
[Site of the Week (Sky & Wolfers)]

AS Rated 2.5
Sky & Wolfers Site of the Month
[Sky & Wolfers Site of the Month]

AS Rated 2.5
Sky & Wolfers Web Excellence Award 2000
[Sky & Wolfers Web Excellence Award 2000]

AS Rated 2.5