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2003 Silver DDC Award
[2003 Silver DDC Award]
AS Rated 2.5
A+ TEXT Award
[A+ TEXT Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Adam's Prestigious Award
[Adam's Prestigious Award]
AS Rated 2.5
AIHC's Platinum Award
[AIHC's Platinum Award]
AS Rated 2.5
AmeriYank's Sweet Strawberry Award
[AmeriYank's Sweet Strawberry Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Antique Collector Award
[Antique Collector Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Applicant - Vivid Design Award
[Applicant - Vivid Design Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Award of Excellence (Micah's)
[Award of Excellence (Micah's)]
AS Rated 2.5
Berry Patch Award of Excellence
[Berry Patch Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 2.5
Beryle's Award for Website Excellence
[Beryle's Award for Website Excellence]
AS Rated 2.5
Blue Rose Award (Angela's)
[Blue Rose Award (Angela's)]
AS Rated 2.5
Canuck's Choice Award
[Canuck's Choice Award]
AS Rated 2.5
Casmier's Award of Excellence
[Casmier's Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 2.5
Castle LullaNess Award Applicant
[Castle LullaNess Award Applicant]
AS Rated 2.5
Chandra's Award
[Chandra's Award]
AS Rated 2.5