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Sundsbergets Goldenrose Award
[Sundsbergets Goldenrose Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Surfing the Net With Kids Site Review
[Surfing the Net With Kids Site Review]

AS Rated 3.5
Surftip Award in Silver (BorisSite)
[Surftip Award in Silver (BorisSite)]
AS Rated 3.5
Technology Security Blanket Good Surf Award
[Technology Security Blanket Good Surf Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Texas Precancel Club Award Of Excellence
[Texas Precancel Club Award Of Excellence]

AS Rated 3.5
The Fish Tank's Award of Excellence
[The Fish Tank's Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 3.5
The Lite Site Silver Award
[The Lite Site Silver Award]
AS Rated 3.5
The Standing Ovation Award
[The Standing Ovation Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Thu's Merit Award
[Thu's Merit Award]

AS Rated 3.5
Timelines Innovative Site Award
[Timelines Innovative Site Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Tritia's Silver Award of Excellence
[Tritia's Silver Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 3.5
Tugcapt Anchor of the Web Award
[Tugcapt Anchor of the Web Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Twilight's Place Award of Merit
[Twilight's Place Award of Merit]
AS Rated 3.5
Vision Scan Lighthouse Award
[Vision Scan Lighthouse Award]
AS Rated 3.5
WarmEmber's Flaming Design Award
[WarmEmber's Flaming Design Award]
AS Rated 3.5