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Perrie and Luuk's Award of Excellence
[Perrie and Luuk's Award of Excellence]
AS Rated 3.5
Pet Connections Website Excellence Bronze Award
[Pet Connections Website Excellence Bronze Award]
AS Rated 3.5
POTZ Award (Silver)
[POTZ Award (Silver)]
AS Rated 3.5
Premio Napoli Silver Award
[Premio Napoli Silver Award]

AS Rated 3.5
Puppy Approval Award
[Puppy Approval Award]
AS Rated 3.5
QuincyWeb Bright Site Award
[QuincyWeb Bright Site Award]

AS Rated 3.5
Rajuna's Refuge Rajuna's Reserve Award
[Rajuna's Refuge Rajuna's Reserve Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Redneck Nature Website Excellence Award
[Redneck Nature Website Excellence Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Robin's Web You Tickled My Funny Bone Award
[Robin's Web You Tickled My Funny Bone Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Shanty Award For Homepage Excellence
[Shanty Award For Homepage Excellence]
AS Rated 3.5
Silver Daggett Award
[Silver Daggett Award]

AS Rated 3.5
Silver Sea Award for Web Excellence
[Silver Sea Award for Web Excellence]
AS Rated 3.5
SomethingUnique's Creative Site Award
[SomethingUnique's Creative Site Award]
AS Rated 3.5
SpiritWolf's Outstanding Site Award
[SpiritWolf's Outstanding Site Award]
AS Rated 3.5
Stardust Cool Website Award
[Stardust Cool Website Award]
AS Rated 3.5