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    1. If teachers are supposed to teach kids how to write why do they send home newsletters filled with slashes (/) instead of proper punctuation? (Contributed by Doug Parr)
    2. Why do you get sent to the principal's office for ACTING smart? Isn't that what you are in school for? (Contributed by Adam)
    3. Do cross-eyed teachers have any control over their pupils? (Contributed by Dieter Zasche)
    4. Aren't we always told that the Customer is always right? So why don't School Teachers obey this rule? (Contributed by Theodor Nickel)
    5. Aren't professors just people who talk in someone else's sleep? (Contributed by Garnet)
    6. We learn how to learn and we are taught how to teach but who taught us how to think? (Contributed by Matt Brown)
    7. When people in your classroom are talking and having fun the teacher says 'stop acting like kids'. But if everyone acts like that wouldn't it be acting their own age? (Contributed by Phantom1213)
    8. Does a nostalgic English teacher find the past perfect and the present tense? (Contributed by James Chimp)
    9. How come it's the teachers who get paid when the students do all the work? (Contributed by Jim Moore Jr.)
    10. Do Math teachers have a lot of problems? (Contributed by Robert Biggs)
    11. Who do home schoolers complain to when their children get a bad grade? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    12. Why is it that when teachers ask for volunteers to raise their hand to answer the question, they always ask the ones who haven't raised their hand? (Contributed by Lisa Hall)
    13. How did the very first teachers come to be? They had to be taught in order to become teachers, didn't they? And doesn't that mean that the first people who taught them were actually the first teachers? (Contributed by starlight)
    14. Isn't the best classroom in the world, at the feet of any elderly person? (Contributed by Jan D.)
    15. How come teachers can tell if there's a full moon without ever looking outside? (Contributed by Sarah)
    16. Has the position of 'lead teacher' ever been posted or just always self-imposed? (Contributed by Judy Stockrahm)
    17. Has anyone made sure that Principals have principles before they were given the job? (Contributed by Judy Stockrahm)
    18. Why do some people believe they are qualified to be a teacher just because they had one before? (Contributed by Judy Stockrahm)
    19. How many teachers and students must fall to violence before teachers get combat pay? (Contributed by anonymous teacher)
    20. Why is it that when most students see one of their teachers at the mall, they try to hide? (Contributed by Valerie)
    21. Doesn't it make you mad when you see a teacher DRINKING or EATING in class when YOU are prohibited from doing the same thing? (Contributed by Valerie)
    22. Why don't teachers have a dress code? (Contributed by Valerie)
    23. When a teacher asks for a volunteer, why is it always boys who put their hand up before the teacher explains what they want one for? (Contributed by Claire I.)
    24. If there is a teacher shortage, why are so many certified teachers out of a job? (Contributed by Judy)
    25. Will combat pay ever become an incentive to boost teacher education? (Contributed by Judy)
    26. Couldn't we resolve the substitute teacher shortage by requiring every parent to donate one day that they would normally spend complaining about the school or teachers? (Contributed by Judy Stockrahm)
    27. If we teach our kids to value education and get as much of it as they can, why do we not offer tuition reimbursement or incentive plans for teachers to further theirs? (Contributed by Judy Stockrahm)
    28. If you think experience is the best teacher, what would happen if you took a course in NOT having experience? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    29. How come we pay guys millions a year to toss a ball around, then when our teachers ask for a raise, we say they already make enough? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    30. How come when the teachers tell you to be quiet, THEY keep on talking? (Contributed by Rachel)
    31. Why do teachers ask such stupid questions like 'Why are you talking in my lesson?' or 'Why aren't you reading your reader?' and then give you detention for answering back? HELLO, what is up with that? (Contributed by Cathryn Sullivan the Fantastic)
    32. If a teacher were to teach a younger grade than they were teaching before, would they be "degraded"? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    33. If teachers want things ASAP, why can't they have them ALAP? (as late as possible) (Contributed by floridafan)
    34. Why do principals suspend children? Shouldn't they give them MORE school? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    35. Is it true that we will never run out of Math Teachers because they keep multiplying? (Contributed by Will)
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