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Topic: Cereal

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    1. Why does that silly rabbit never get any Trix? (Contributed by Bigaaron)
    2. On the cereal box why doesn't Captain Crunch have any teeth? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    3. On the Pop-Tart box why do they state 'Warning: Pastry Filling May Be Hot When Heated'? (Contributed by T.D. Shadow)
    4. Why does most of the cereal commercials involve someone stealing or being selfish? Isn't Sugar Bear always stealing the cereal? Aren't these ads directed at children who we're supposed to be teaching good values? (Contributed by Steven LaPha Jr.)
    5. Isn't not letting that rabbit have any Trix, sending a racist message to the kids of the world? (Contributed by Sarah D.)
    6. Are Trix really just for kids? Is there an alarm inside the box that sounds when adults (or bunnies) try to eat them? (Contributed by Uncle N.)
    7. Why are Cap'n Crunch's eyebrows on his hat? (Contributed by Pk)
    8. What's with those cereal boxes that say 'Win a trip to Disneyland, game piece inside…no purchase necessary'? Does this mean we can steal the cereal or what? (Contributed by Marie McMullen)
    9. Why ARE Trix only for kids? (Contributed by Jan)
    10. How come, in the Mini-Wheat commercial, Sweets has a Brooklyn accent and Wheats has an English accent? They're attached at the back, right? So wouldn't they have been raised in the same place? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    11. Why doesn't Trix the rabbit just go to a store and buy his own box of Trix? (Contributed by Alex)
    12. Why does everyone restrict Trix from having his own cereal? Isn't that discrimination? (Contributed by Alex)
    13. What is the cut-off age for eating Trix? (Contributed by A.J. Bodnar)
    14. Just what ship is Captain Crunch captain of? (Contributed by A.J. Bodnar)
    15. If the leprechaun wants to keep everyone away from Lucky Charms so he can have them all for himself, what's the point of making them? (Contributed by Catharine)
    16. If the rabbit follows kids who have Trix, wouldn't that be called stalking? And why would a rabbit want to eat a fruity cereal anyway? (Contributed by Catharine)
    17. Why don't they just give the TRIX rabbit some cereal? It's just a stupid box of cereal, right? (Contributed by AEBF)
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