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    1. If winning isn't important then why do we keep score? (Contributed by Don F.)
    2. Why do good guys finish last? (Contributed by Don F.)
    3. Why do people sit in stands? (Contributed by Don F.)
    4. Why would race car drivers want to go to heaven? You know that everyone will tie every race. Likely be happy about it too! (Contributed by Ed & Lynda)
    5. Was the pole vault accidentally discovered by a clumsy javelin thrower? (Contributed by N.N.)
    6. If life is a sport why should we drink it up? Shouldn't we be playing it? (Contributed by Mike)
    7. Why do some teams say 'wait till next year'? Why not THIS year? (Contributed by Tooner)
    8. How come it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye . . . Then it's a SPORT? (Contributed by J.J.)
    9. Number 1 is the best. Number 2 tries harder. But what happened to number 3? (Contributed by Benjamiah)
    10. Should the man who wins the Tour de France do a lap of honour? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    11. If a fat man sings does that mean it's halftime? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    12. If you don't hear the fat lady sing does that mean it's still going on? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    13. How come the winner of an auto race never wins the chess flag? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    14. Why are they called Stock Car Races when the cars are nowhere near any stock? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    15. If Fortune 400 buys out the Indianappolis 500 would it become the Indianappolis 900? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    16. If you're a sports fan does that make you an athletic supporter? (Contributed by Angel)
    17. Why is it that in Cricket you can play for 5 days and yet the game still ends in a draw? (Contributed by Rodders)
    18. Why is it that whenever America hosts a 'World Championship' they never invite ALL the other countries to compete? (Contributed by Rod Aldous)
    19. Why do coaches say there is no 'I' in team when obviously there is a 'M-E'? (Contributed by Matthew Lucas)
    20. What exactly does heads-up mean? Does it mean hey stand up a ball is coming straight for your head? (Contributed by Burnham)
    21. How come the more money a free agent signs for the less effective he is in the following season? (Contributed by Don F.)
    22. How come whenever the cameras isolate on a male athlete they are either spitting picking or scratching? (Contributed by Don F.)
    23. Where is it written that the fun and games have to stop just because someone loses an eye? (Contributed by Pete Cilento)
    24. Why is it that most of us know all the players on the major league teams but mumble through half the words in our National Anthem? (Contributed by Rodney & Cathy's Joke List)
    25. Wouldn't it be fun to hook up the lights at a sporting arena to 'The Clapper'? (Contributed by Aaron Packnick)
    26. How come, in any sports game, the referee is always looking the other way when you score? (Contributed by dcoble)
    27. How come in an otherwise vacant locker room, the only other person will have the locker right next to yours? (Contributed by dcoble)
    28. Why is it that they don't sell root beer at sporting events? (Contributed by FngrsFrddy)
    29. Do NASCAR drivers use their signal lights? (Contributed by H.G. Maclure)
    30. If the Actor's Guild goes on strike, what will happen to WWF? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    31. How come most professional athletes think that just because they are a pro, they are entitled to be rude? (Contributed by Valerie)
    32. Why do some coaches get fired after a winning season? (Contributed by Valerie)
    33. Are cons athletes that never made it big in professional sports? (Contributed by Valerie)
    34. Why do players get so upset after losing a championship game? It is only a game, isn't it? What's the big deal? Why don't they worry more about their health? After all, they always play when they are sick, don't they? (Contributed by Valerie)
    35. Why do the commissioners of professional sports leagues fine players and coaches for making comments about the officials and how the game is played? Isn't everyone entitled to their opinion? (Contributed by Valerie)
    36. What was Mike Tyson thinking when he bit off the ear of his opponent? And what was the other guy thinking? (Contributed by Janis G.)
    37. Why are softballs so hard? (Contributed by T.M.)
    38. Why is it that its good to score under par in golf but its bad to be under par in anything else? (Contributed by C.T.)
    39. That next level athletes are always talking about reaching, where is it? (Contributed by Dan Lebatard, Miami Herald)
    40. There are eleven teams in the Big 10 conference. Does this bother anyone else? (Contributed by D.B.)
    41. What happens if an athlete has to go to the bathroom during the game? (Contributed by Valerie)
    42. What would happen if a sports team ended up retiring every number? (Contributed by Valerie)
    43. Can you 'zone out' and be 'in the zone' at the same time? (Contributed by C.T.)
    44. What do you call a runner-up in a wheelchair race? (Contributed by Jason)
    45. When the first indoor tennis court was built, did the builder make a net profit? (Contributed by Joe)
    46. Do advertisers root for overtime? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    47. Why should I root for the home team? What have they ever done for me? (Contributed by J.S.)
    48. If car racing is a sport, then isnít everyone on the freeway an athlete? (Contributed by bluuto)
    49. What sport do sports cars practice? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    50. Why is it only in baseball and hockey that we see players constantly spit all over the playing surface? (Contributed by Chris M.)
    51. If you are not feeling 100%, how can you give 100%? (Contributed by GoGirl)
    52. Do NASCAR cars have horns? (Contributed by Don F.)
    53. Isnít polo just horse hockey? And in water polo, do the horses have to know how to swim? (Contributed by Evaonne Hendricks)
    54. Did you know that the only bone not broken so far during any ski accident is one located in the inner ear? (Contributed by R.C.)
    55. In every sports game there is a winner and a loser, right? So why do only the winners credit God with determining the outcome? (Contributed by Joel)
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