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Last Updated on 15-Nov-2017
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Topic: Basketball

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    1. Why does the RCA Dome where the Indianapolis Colts play have a sign on the visitor's locker room that reads NO VISITORS ALLOWED? (Contributed by L. S. and Jim Jaques)
    2. Shouldn't sports be brought up to date? Since they don't use peach baskets for goals anymore shouldn't they change the name of the sport to Netball? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    3. How come the players always blame the cheerleaders when they lose? Weren't the players the ones who actually played the game? (Contributed by MSNIA68912)
    4. In basketball a player is congratulated by their team-mates when they make a free throw but why are they STILL congratulated when they miss a free throw? (Contributed by Rod Aldous)
    5. Is sports builds character how come most basketball coaches behave like spoiled children? (Contributed by Bill Edwards)
    6. In a basketball game why do people yell 'BOOO' when their team is losing? Are they trying to scare someone? (Contributed by pertergun)
    7. Is there anything less meaningful than the first three quarters of a basketball game? (Contributed by Canoe Two)
    8. Why do professional basketball players make more money for playing a game than a leader of a country gets for running the entire country? (Contributed by Adam Style)
    9. Why are the Warriors the only NBA basketball team without a city or state before their name? (Contributed by Adam Style)
    10. Why are they called 'field goals' in basketball when they don't play on a field? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    11. Why are there black lines on a basketball? (Contributed by Chuck)
    12. In basketball where did they get the 24 second shot clock? Why 24? (Contributed by Todd)
    13. Why are basketball shorts generally longer than other sport shorts? (Contributed by A.B.)
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