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Category: Situation

Topic: Luck

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    1. Why are horseshoes hung for good luck? (Contributed by MailBits.com)
    2. If you cross a shamrock with poison ivy do you think you'd have a rash of good luck? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    3. Why do we knock on wood for good luck? (Contributed by beefstu)
    4. Is it bad luck to be superstitious? (Contributed by Andrew Mathis)
    5. They say that if you pick up a penny you will have good luck all day. Why do I always find myself picking up pennies at five minutes to midnight and never at six o'clock in the morning? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    6. If you always give up can you ever lose? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    7. Why is it that luck usually seems to favor the people who don't need it? (Contributed by Jim Moore Jr.)
    8. Aren't the only losers in life, the ones who never tried in the beginning? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    9. How come some days, it takes all you've got just to keep up with the losers? (Contributed by Robert Orben)
    10. How come some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have got it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known? (Contributed by Garrison Keillor)
    11. All good things must come to an end, shouldn't they? Otherwise, we'd never get any rest, right? (Contributed by GypsyCat)
    12. Isn't it true that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck? (Contributed by SirStoned)
    13. How come life's most treasured moments always come unannounced? (Contributed by Ms Kitty)
    14. Why do we cross our fingers for good luck? (Contributed by JoJo)
    15. If it is so lucky to hang horseshoes over the barn door then wouldn't it be luckier to hang the whole horse over the door? (Contributed by Hawk)
    16. If it is unlucky to spill salt, what happens if you spill pepper? (Contributed by John Foster)
    17. Why do good things always happen when you least expect it? (Contributed by Pat F.)
    18. Is it true that if you meet a good loser, you'll have met a loser? (Contributed by Bobby Miles)
    19. What was the loser trying to win anyways? (Contributed by Cher H.)
    20. Why do people always blame someone else for 'their' bad luck? (Contributed by Ross)
    21. Why is it that people think rabbit's feet are lucky? Didn't a rabbit have to die to give you that foot? The rabbit wasn't very lucky then was it? And who would stoop to killing a rabbit just to get it's foot because of something most people don't believe in? (Contributed by Sierra)
    22. Why is it considered bad luck to walk under a ladder? (Contributed by Floyd)
    23. Why don't I ever get the long end of the stick? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    24. What would happen if you found a four-leaf-clover under a ladder? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    25. When you spend a lucky penny, is the luck transferred? (Contributed by Pete J.)
    26. Is it true that you should never iron a four-leaf clover, because you don't want to press your luck? (Contributed by Steve)
    27. Can you really expect to hit the jackpot if you donít put a few nickels in the machine? (Contributed by Ralphie)
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