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Category: Recreation

Topic: Fishing

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    1. What is the difference between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot? (Contributed by Don F.)
    2. Who edits fishing shows? How do they decide what's too boring? (Contributed by Don F.)
    3. Why do fish grow fastest between the time they're caught and the bar in port? (Contributed by Nancy Carson)
    4. Isn't fishing just a jerk on one end of the line waiting for a jerk at the other? (Contributed by Nancy Carson)
    5. If you went fishing with a dotted line would you catch every other fish? (Contributed by Bman)
    6. How come the TV fishing shows never focus on the most important boat fishing skill ... peeing off the back of the boat after all those beers? (Contributed by Bluboo)
    7. Why is it that you never see a fish mounted on a wall with it's mouth shut? (Contributed by Sally Berger)
    8. When you're standing on the shore fishing with your catch beside you why do people ask you when they walk by if you caught that fish? Just what do they think you are doing? (Contributed by Al J.)
    9. Wouldn't living be easier if men showed as much patience at home as they do when they're fishing? (Contributed by Keith Sullivan)
    10. Why is it that nothing increases the size of a fish like fishing all by yourself? (Contributed by George Hoffman)
    11. Aren't there really only two basic kinds of fishermen? Sport fishermen and those who catch fish. (Contributed by Jim Moore Jr.)
    12. Do fishermen live in the reel world? (Contributed by Robert Biggs)
    13. Is it true that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day but if you teach him how to fish, he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day? (Contributed by MailBits.com)
    14. Have you ever watched a fishing show for about 15 minutes and then asked yourself 'Boy, I need a life'? (Contributed by Brian Regan)
    15. Why do fishermen cast as far as they can from the shore, but when fishing from a boat, cast toward the shore? (Contributed by Marie Panyik)
    16. Do all fishermen lie or do all liars fish? (Contributed by PG)
    17. Can you communicate with fish by dropping them a line? (Contributed by TBL)
    18. Why do people ask you where you caught a fish? Isn't it usually in the mouth? (Contributed by Doel N.)
    19. To a worm, isnít digging in the hard ground more relaxing than going fishing? (Contributed by W.W.)
    20. If you fall in the creek, should you check your pockets for fish? (Contributed by Thom)
    21. If fishing is the way to catch a fish, why isn't ducking the way to catch a duck? (Contributed by David G. Uffelman)
    22. If you catch a fish that was swimming in a school, is the fish now playing hooky? And what if you used a net instead of a hook? (Contributed by David G. Uffelman)
    23. If you catch a jellyfish and a butterfly in the same net, are they both toast? (Contributed by David G. Uffelman)
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