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    1. Why do we sometimes say that something is a definite possibility? Which is it? (Contributed by Don F.)
    2. Is it possible to be totally partial? (Contributed by Don F.)
    3. Have you noticed that the chief cause of problems is solutions? (Contributed by Don F.)
    4. How much is enough? (Contributed by Don F.)
    5. What comes next? (Contributed by Don F.)
    6. Does it matter if it doesn't matter? (Contributed by Don F.)
    7. Have you ever thought of all the wholes there could be if people would just take the time to take the dirt out of them? (Contributed by Don F.)
    8. Generally aren't all generalizations false? (Contributed by Don F.)
    9. Relatively speaking aren't we are all related? (Contributed by Don F.)
    10. If fools are so ingenious is it possible to make anything foolproof? (Contributed by Andrew J.)
    11. Isn't being logical just the art of being wrong with confidence? (Contributed by J.J.)
    12. Which came first the Question or the Answer? (Contributed by W.J. Newhart)
    13. Would you give a man who has everything everything else? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    14. Is there anything worse than being peerless in a peer-review system? (Contributed by Dark Shadow)
    15. If Dickie does what Dickie do just what does Dickie do? (Contributed by W.J. Newhart)
    16. Did you ever think that the glass is neither half empty nor half full but maybe it's just twice as large as it needs to be? (Contributed by Jason Q)
    17. Who asked the first question Adam or Eve? (Contributed by W.J. Newhart)
    18. Is why easier to answer than why not? (Contributed by W.J. Newhart)
    19. Apart from the unknowns isn't everything obvious? (Contributed by James Hogan)
    20. Do you think it was Big Bird who first said 'Doo onto others before they doo onto you'? (Contributed by A. Black)
    21. Isn't everything funny just as long as it happens to somebody else? (Contributed by W. R.)
    22. Does a sense of humour bestow an evolutionary advantage? (Contributed by David Woolley)
    23. Is more information always better? (Contributed by David Woolley)
    24. If you had a million Shakespears could they write like a monkey? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    25. Did you ever consider that Chicken Little only has to be right once? (Contributed by Washington)
    26. Where are the answers? (Contributed by Rainy)
    27. Don't you think that an unanswered question is better than a questioned answer? (Contributed by Bijit Halder)
    28. Is it possible to believe that there is such a thing as non-existence? (Contributed by Don F.)
    29. If I think, therefore I am, and walls do not think, therefore they do not exist, doesn't that mean that I can walk through walls? (Contributed by Erik Maurer)
    30. If you think there is good in everybody, doesn't that just prove that you haven't met everybody? (Contributed by Humor Bin)
    31. Isn't it true that not everything that counts can be counted, but not everything that can be counted counts? (Contributed by Albert E.)
    32. Why is it that the things that people want to know about are usually none of their business? (Contributed by Nancy Carson)
    33. Is it certain that everything is uncertain? (Contributed by Blaise Pascal)
    34. How can we prepare for the unknown? (Contributed by Pat F.)
    35. Does the chaos theory apply to chaos? (Contributed by The Duke of Endor)
    36. What is the ultimate question? Isn't the ultimate question an answer before it is a question? And since the answer is a question, does that mean that philosophy has bad manners? Your mother taught you never to answer a question with another question, didn't she? So is the answer to one of life's perenially difficult questions flawed or have mothers got the wrong idea? (Contributed by Ali is confused)
    37. How come knowing Murphy's Laws doesn't help? (Contributed by The Duke of Endor)
    38. Is that that is not, that that is? (Contributed by Merv)
    39. Why ask why? (Contributed by Liesel)
    40. Why not? (Contributed by Melania Lavric)
    41. Isn't it true that sometimes being in the majority only means that all the fools are on the same side? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    42. Is it a problem when you can fool too many of the people too much of the time? (Contributed by James)
    43. Are we human beings having a spiritual experience, or spiritual beings having a human experience? (Contributed by Steve)
    44. Why are fools and fanatics always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts? (Contributed by Bertrand Russel)
    45. For every confirmed theory, isn't there a confirmed counter-theory? (Contributed by Serina Pottinger)
    46. Are there any questions which fools can ask that wise men cannot answer? (Contributed by George Polya)
    47. Isnít it true that you can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want? (Contributed by W.J.)
    48. No matter how fool proof you make something wonít there always be some fools? (Contributed by J.S.)
    49. If you accept the premise that anything is possible, is it therefore possible to be impossible? (Contributed by David Largent)
    50. Do philosophers ask questions to seek an answer or to make others seek their own questions? (Contributed by A.B.)
    51. Wise people think all they say, right? But donít fools say all they think? (Contributed by I.E.)
    52. Isnít judging a personís character by only one of its manifestations like judging the sea by a jug full of its water? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    53. If everything is relative, whatís the point? (Contributed by Christopher B.)
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