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    1. Is a friend somebody who knows you but likes you anyway? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    2. Do true friends stab you in the front instead? (Contributed by Ingrid)
    3. If you're girlfriend wants you to be more affectionate does that mean you need to get a second girlfriend? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    4. If you have friends who are clowns, when they die do you all go to their funeral in one car? (Contributed by Don F.)
    5. If diamonds are a girl's best friend and a dog is man's best friend who really is the dumber sex? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    6. Does a woman feel that a dog's best friend is a man because she thinks they're related? (Contributed by W.J. Newhart)
    7. Why is it that it seems to take forever to find a girlfriend then when you do all sorts of other girls want to be your girlfriend too? (Contributed by Warren Robicheaux)
    8. If your girl friend phoned you and told you to come on over there's nobody home would she be there? (Contributed by Ronnie C.)
    9. Are friends just people whose telephone numbers we haven't lost yet? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    10. If we're put on this earth to help others what are the others here for? (Contributed by Ziggy)
    11. Isn't a real friend, one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out? (Contributed by Silver Grizzly)
    12. Aren't strangers just friends waiting to happen? (Contributed by Silver Grizzly)
    13. How come nothing in the world is more expensive than a girlfriend who's totally free for the weekend? (Contributed by Rodney & Cathy's Joke List)
    14. Sure, there's lots of good fish in the sea. But who wants to go out with a fish? (Contributed by Funny Bone)
    15. Isn't it true that good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget? (Contributed by JoLene)
    16. Wouldn't the best thing to do when your boyfriend walks out on you be to shut the door? (Contributed by carlj)
    17. Before you borrow money from a friend, shouldn't you decide which you need more? (Contributed by FOL)
    18. When someone tells you that you're their sole-mate, are they really calling you a dirty old shoe? (Contributed by Ralph)
    19. Does somebody need a hug? (Contributed by Beckie)
    20. Isn't a friend someone who knows the song in your heart and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words? (Contributed by Marco)
    21. It's not WHAT you have in your life, but WHO you have in your life that counts, isn't it? (Contributed by Travis)
    22. Wouldn't you rather be disliked for who you are than liked for who you are not? (Contributed by Floyd Maxwell)
    23. How come the most popular people at school are the ones that everyone hates? (Contributed by Ashley)
    24. Isn't it the imperfections that make something or someone distinctive? (Contributed by C.P.)
    25. Why is it that the choice of a preschooler's best friend always corresponds directly to the distance the friend lives from your house? (Contributed by FBI)
    26. How come no matter how many friends you have, if you're their pillar, you will feel lonely and lost at the times you need them the most? (Contributed by Cookie)
    27. When we do someone a favor, why do we say 'It was the least I could do'? Is that supposed to make them feel better? Wouldn't the least thing we could do be to not do anything? (Contributed by Claire B.)
    28. How come everyone seems normal until you get to know them? (Contributed by Bruce)
    29. Aren't friends like four leaf clovers? You know, hard to find and lucky to have? (Contributed by Chuck)
    30. Isn't a true friend one who overlooks your failures and tolerates your successes? (Contributed by Doug Larson)
    31. Isn't a true friend someone who will be there for you when they would rather be anywhere else? (Contributed by Jilian Grover)
    32. How come its not enemies that steal, its friends? (Contributed by Jstewart 2003)
    33. Aren't friends just like stars? You know, you can't always see them but you know they're always there, right? (Contributed by Megan)
    34. If you have such good friends, then why do you always fight and argue over such little things? (Contributed by Paynes)
    35. Does absence still make the heart grow fonder if you never liked the person in the first place? (Contributed by Princess)
    36. Isn't a friend in need just a pest? (Contributed by Bee, Gosford Australia)
    37. Would the reason mummies have trouble keeping friends be because they're so wrapped up in themselves? (Contributed by Steve)
    38. If dogs are a man's best friend, why does a man refer to another man who he does not like by saying that he is a son of a term that means a female dog? (Contributed by Zagros)
    39. Isnít the secret not finding the right person, but in BEING the right person? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    40. How come the only normal people are the ones you donít know very well? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    41. Shouldnít part of a best friend's job be to immediately clear your computer history if you die? (Contributed by Boredina)
    42. Once you start to dislike someone, why does everything they do begin to annoy you? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    43. Why is it that all the people you actually want to be around, live no where near you? (Contributed by Peter)
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