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Topic: Horror-Suspense

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    1. Why is it that when watching an action thriller, mystery, horror, or suspense movie with some friends and it goes dead silent the person beside you always says "It's too quiet!"? (Contributed by ShadowStalker)
    2. What do you suppose gives Stephen King nightmares? (Contributed by Don F.)
    3. Why don't people in horror films follow the Sacred 500-some Commandments of Horror Movies? You know like "Don't turn around" "Never look behind you when you're running" and "If you hear a noise in another room and find out it's only the cat -- GET OUT OF THERE!! It's not the cat!". (Contributed by ShadowStalker)
    4. What does the 'were' mean in werewolf? (Contributed by Phantom1213)
    5. What would happen if Frankenstein's monster didn't have those things sticking out of his neck? (Contributed by Phantom1213)
    6. Shouldn't the follow up movie be called 'I still know what you did TWO summers ago'? (Contributed by Kurt Lidtke)
    7. In the movies 'Gremlins' when they say not to feed them after midnight they never said when you could feed them again did they? Do you wait until the sunrise? Or do you have to wait until noon? If you literally never feed them after midnight you wouldn't feed them at all would you? (Contributed by B. Confer)
    8. In horror movies, why do the girls always run upstairs to get away from the bad guy? Why don't they just run out the door? (Contributed by Jennifer)
    9. How come, in horror movies, when the good guy runs away and the bad guy just walks after him, the bad guy always catches up or appears around the next corner? (Contributed by Jennifer)
    10. How come in the movie Psycho, it is blatantly obvious to the audience that Norman Bates is completely insane but his unfortunate victim never figures it out until it's too late? (Contributed by Laurel)
    11. Why is it that in todays horror movies, the serial killer always ends up taking off their mask or revealing their secret identity to the person they are going to kill? Since the killer's plan always fails, wouldn't they have been wiser to keep their identity hidden? (Contributed by Erik)
    12. In horror movies, why is it that all psychos are guys? (Contributed by jyj)
    13. In horror movies, the bad guy always messes with the car engine so the victim can't get away, right? Then when the victim tries to start the car you hear the engine turn over but not start, right? So how come when the victim looks under the hood, the engine is destroyed? Just how did it turn over if it was destroyed? (Contributed by Lori)
    14. Why is it that in the old Boris Karloff 'Mummy' flicks, do they just stand still until the mummy shambles over to them? Shouldn't they be tearing up 40 miles of turf BEFORE the mummy even gets near them? (Contributed by Bunnie)
    15. Why is it that when trapped in a haunted house, the first thing they always suggest is 'Lets split up'? (Contributed by Rudi)
    16. Why is it that the killer/villain always spends time revealing their plan to the good guy while he/she is tied up, giving them time to escape? Why don't they just kill them when they get the chance? (Contributed by Renu)
    17. Why is it that in almost every single zombie movie out there the humans need to be told to cut off the zombie's head, or to blow its brains out? (Contributed by Crystal J)
    18. Why, when the commando units show up, do they fire at the chests of the zombies? Why not conserve ammo and shoot them in the head? (Contributed by Crystal J)
    19. Why, during the obligatory crowd-running-like-frightened-rabbits-from-the-walking-undead scene do the police/army/security guys bother saying things like "Stay calm, the situation is under control"? If it was under control, the zombies would be toast, right? (Contributed by Crystal J)
    20. Why is it that in scary movies the ghost always scream? (Contributed by Allyson)
    21. In zombie movies, how do they kill something that's already dead? (Contributed by Allyson)
    22. If a werewolf bit a dog, would the dog turn into a man? (Contributed by A.B.)
    23. In the movie "Saw", would we say the doctor was "defeated", or would we just use the non-existant phrase "de-footed"? (Contributed by F.W.)
    24. Why is it when a person is being chased by a serial killer they run up the stairs instead of out the door right next to them? (Contributed by LCpl T. Hamilton)
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