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Last Updated on 15-Nov-2017
Category: Health

Topic: Exercise

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    1. Why is it whether you sit up or sit down the result is the same? (Contributed by Don F.)
    2. When you stand on your head your face gets red so how come your feet aren't red when you're right side up? (Contributed by Don F.)
    3. When exactly should we exercise? If you're healthy you don't need to and if you're sick you shouldn't right? (Contributed by Henry F.)
    4. Did you know the word AEROBICS comes from two Greek words: AERO meaning 'ability to' and BICS meaning 'withstand tremendous boredom'? (Contributed by Dave Barry)
    5. Do insecure people wear life jackets while on their rowing machine? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    6. Isn't the best way to get a man to do sit-ups be to put the remote control between his toes? (Contributed by Albert Steinhart)
    7. Why do we always ask other people if an inanimate object worked out? Isn't it hard enough to get people to work out? Do people think inanimate objects all of a sudden come to life just so they can exercise and then go back to being inanimate objects? (Contributed by Don F.)
    8. When someone else loses weight how come I'm the one who always finds it? (Contributed by John Lucas)
    9. Why is the fat around your middle called a 'spare tire'? And if you did happen to lose it would you really want to put it back on? (Contributed by John Lucas)
    10. Does vacuuming count as Aerobic Exercise? (Contributed by Cool Funnies)
    11. If you laughed for 24 hours straight, would you begin to see signs of weight loss? (Contributed by Kate and Coral)
    12. Isn't it ironic that in this world there exist both escalators and Stairmasters? (Contributed by Aaron Packnick)
    13. Do you ever wonder if the people who watch TV at 3 AM are the ones who buy the most exercise equipment? (Contributed by Jonathan P. Bernick)
    14. Wouldn't the best time to exercise be in the morning before your brain figures out what you're doing? (Contributed by Dan Bennett)
    15. If you hire a personal trainer for yourself, shouldn't they be required to do your exercises for you? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    16. Is it true that if your dog is fat, YOU aren't getting enough exercise? (Contributed by Pablo)
    17. How come the only exercise some people get is pushing their luck, running down their friends, side-stepping responsibility, and jumping to conclusions? (Contributed by FunTrivia)
    18. How come health clubs advertising on TV never show people who look like they need to be there? (Contributed by Terry Galan)
    19. Does Richard Simmons own a pair of long pants? If so, has anybody ever seen him wear them? (Contributed by HaLife.com)
    20. Don't we all have perfect washboard abs? It's just that some of us have a thicker fat protection layer, right? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    21. They say that we can burn about 90 calories just by watching TV, so if you watch three TVs at the same time, wouldn't that be like jogging around the block? (Contributed by Keith James)
    22. Is it considered being too lazy if you refuse to jog your memory or jump to conclusions? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    23. Does a group that sweats together, stick together? (Contributed by The Duke of Endor)
    24. When people say that they have 'ABS of Steel', do they just mean that they have an automobile with ABS brakes? (Contributed by Don F.)
    25. They say that for every minute that you exercise, you add one minute to your life, right? But doesn't that mean you'll spend that much longer in a nursing home at $5,000 per month? (Contributed by Bruce)
    26. Aren't long walks refreshing? Especially when they are taken by people who annoy you? (Contributed by Bruce)
    27. Have you ever noticed that the exercise equipment you see at a garage sale always looks brand new? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    28. When I go to the Community Leisure Centre, why does everyone I see have sweat pouring off them? Just where is the leisure? (Contributed by Don F.)
    29. Canít we get our exercise if we laugh every day? It's like inner jogging, isnít it? (Contributed by W.J.)
    30. Arenít diets and exercise two useful tools to fight hazardous waists? (Contributed by Sam)
    31. Isnít it odd that we burn more calories sleeping than we do watching television? (Contributed by Robbie C.)
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