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Topic: Taxes

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    1. Revenue Canada only allows Entertainment expenses if it is for business. If its business then its not entertainment. Are they trying to tell us something? (Contributed by Don F.)
    2. How come we never hear of a government tax auditor being audited? (Contributed by Don F.)
    3. Why doesn't the IRS offer us our money back if we're not satisfied? (Contributed by Don F.)
    4. Why is it that when you get a pay raise its just large enough to increase your taxes yet small enough to have no effect on your take home pay? (Contributed by Don F.)
    5. Why does the Queen pay taxes? Doesn't the money go to the government which in turn is in the service of the Queen? Is this what is called self-employment? (Contributed by Alex Petty)
    6. If you live in a state of chaos do you need to pay taxes? (Contributed by Susan)
    7. Why do they call it a tax return if they have no intention of returning any of it? (Contributed by Jim Adams)
    8. Isn't it really disheartening to know that all the taxes you've paid over your lifetime are spent by your government in less than a second? (Contributed by Jim Fiebig)
    9. Do you think a fair tax structure is one that allows everybody to cheat evenly? (Contributed by Nancy Carson)
    10. When trying to calculate your adjusted gross income for tax purposes why is it that no matter how you adjust it it's still gross? (Contributed by Nancy Carson)
    11. Do you think people should pay taxes on what they think their worth? (Contributed by Frank Morris)
    12. Why does a slight tax increase cost you two hundred dollars and a substantial tax cut only save you thirty cents? (Contributed by Nancy Carson)
    13. Can an alcoholic claim alcohol as a medical expense? After all it does cure tremors and shakes right? (Contributed by Don F.)
    14. Why is it that at tax time you have to hide what you've inherited in order to possess it? (Contributed by Theodor Nickel)
    15. Isn't the only possible fair tax structure one that allows everyone to cheat evenly? (Contributed by Jim Moore Jr.)
    16. Isn't the only difference between tax avoidence and evasion about 10 years? (Contributed by Rowland Croucher)
    17. Have you ever wondered why people refuse to share their age until they get an extra deduction on their tax return? (Contributed by Ken Jarvis)
    18. Sure the wages of sin is death but don't you think that by the time taxes are taken out it's just sort of a tired run-down feeling? (Contributed by Paula P.)
    19. Why does it take more brainpower to fill out the income tax forms than it does to earn the income in the first place? (Contributed by Jim Moore Jr.)
    20. Why do civic governments spend our tax dollars filling in potholes and then spend even more putting speed bumps on the roads they just fixed in order to slow traffic down? If the objective is to slow traffic down why don't they just leave the potholes? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    21. Astronomers have new finds named after them so how come they don't name new tax loopholes after the accountants who find them? (Contributed by Jim Moore Jr.)
    22. Can race car drivers deduct speeding tickets on their income tax forms? (Contributed by Strage.com)
    23. When you do a good deed should you get a receipt just in case heaven is like the IRS? (Contributed by Cool Funnies)
    24. Why do we bother to add up all the amounts on our Income Tax forms? Doesn't the government run it through a computer to do all the calculations when they receive it? (Contributed by Lily T.)
    25. Why do some governments tax your tax returns? (Contributed by Jesse K.)
    26. If a certain tax was waived from Texarkana, Arkansas, because they didn't have that tax in Texas, shouldn't it be waived from the rest of the state to be fair? (Contributed by Lacey)
    27. Why do the schools keep whining about not having computers when my property taxes alone would buy four of them per year? (Contributed by John Foster)
    28. How come if I get 5% on my money, it's a good investment, but when the government takes 30% of my money they always seem to want more? (Contributed by John Foster)
    29. If somebody else has already paid the taxes on that penny on the sidewalk, why won't you pick it up? (Contributed by John Foster)
    30. Is everyone pretty much in concensus that the term 'income tax' could very well be the biggest oxymoron in recorded history? (Contributed by Jonathan)
    31. If there is suppose to be no taxes upon taxes, then why do most governments impose a sales tax? (Contributed by Steve Dorsey)
    32. Why is it that the higher our taxes get, the lower class of politicians we get? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    33. Why is it that if you do it wrong, you get fined, but if you do it right, you get taxed? (Contributed by Scammaster)
    34. Has anybody noticed that if you put the two words 'THE' and 'IRS' together, it spells 'THEIRS'? Coincidence? (Contributed by Floyd Maxwell)
    35. How does the government know when you've cheated on your taxes? (Contributed by Valerie)
    36. Just because the only guarantees are death and taxes doesn't mean we're supposed to get taxed to death, does it? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    37. If a person had a gender change operation, do they need to file a joint tax return? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    38. The U.S. Constitution states the right to own property, right? How long would you 'own' your property if you didn't pay your property tax? Doesn't it sound more like rent? (Contributed by Terry Spriggs)
    39. How come there is nothing more permanent than a temporary tax? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    40. Isnít the difference between the short and long income tax forms simple? If you use the short form, the government gets your money, right? And if you use the long form, doesnít the tax advisor get your money? (Contributed by Steve)
    41. Would the difference between a taxidermist and a tax collector be that the taxidermist only takes the skin? (Contributed by Steve)
    42. Why do they call it a Sales Tax if itís the purchaser who pays it? Shouldnít it be called a Purchase Tax? (Contributed by Don F.)
    43. Since there is always somebody who is paid too much and taxed too little, why is it always somebody else? (Contributed by Cullen Hightower)
    44. Is "tax" just another way of pronouncing "takes"? (Contributed by SportsFan)
    45. Arenít the rich and the poor both alike? Donít they both complain about taxes? (Contributed by Orble)
    46. Do conjoined twins pay taxes once or twice? (Contributed by Ralphie)
    47. Is it illegal not to tell the tax man anything you do not want him to know, but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing? (Contributed by Will)
    48. Why do we call them cheap politicians? Have you taken a look at your tax bills recently? (Contributed by Pat F.)
    49. Can we report the Federal Government as a dependent on our tax returns? (Contributed by The Vent on AccessAtlanta.com)
    50. Isn't it kind of ominous to put your tax returns in the mail box and put up the little red flag? (Contributed by AK)
    51. Arenít the only real sinners out there the people that keep raising the sin taxes? (Contributed by Charleston Gazette Vent)
    52. Isnít the avoidance of taxes the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward? (Contributed by WQC)
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