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  •  A minds journey begins with a single Why? --Confucius
  •  Humour is also a way of saying something serious. --T.S. Eliot
  •  An unanswered question is better than an unquestioned answer.
  •  You are encouraged to use your imagination creatively and to
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    If you have a headache, then shouldn't you do what it says on the asprin bottle: Take two, and KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN?   - Contributed by George

    Advertising Autos, Candy, Cereal, Food, Household, Hygiene, Logos, Packaging, Slogans, SoftDrinks, Other,
    Animals Birds, Cats, Chickens, Cows, DogRelated, Dogs, Ducks-Geese, Fish, Horses, Insects-Flying, Insects-Other, Pigs, Reptiles, Sheep, Wild-Large, Wild-Small, Other,
    BodyParts Arms, Body, Ears, Eyes, Hair, Head, Legs, Nose, Teeth,
    Business Hotels-ConvenienceStores, Restaurants-FastFood, Restaurants-Other, Signs, Other,
    Clothing Accessories, Coats, Dresses, Jewelry, Pants, Shirts, Shoes, Socks, Suits, Underwear, Other,
    Education Chemistry, Geography, History, Homework-Exams, Intelligence, Knowledge, Mathematics, Physics-Movement, Physics-Other, Schools, Stupidity, Subjects, Teachers, Other,
    Electronics CellPhones, Radio, Remotes, Telephones, TV, Other,
    Emotion Anger-Fear, Arguments, Laughter, Love, Solitude, Other,
    Employment Bosses, CoWorkers, Failure, Meetings, Productivity, Reports, Resume, Speeches, Success, Work Place, Other,
    Entertainment Cartoons, Disney, TV-Drama-Mystery, TV-Other, TV-Sitcoms, TV-Talk-Game, Other,
    Environment Occupations, Other,
    Events Birthdays, Christmas, Funerals, Graduation, Halloween, Holidays, Opportunities, Thanksgiving, Vacations, Weddings, Other,
    ExtraTerrestrial Aliens, Movies, Space, Stars-Planets, Universe,
    Financial Banks-Loans-Credit, Debt, Losses, Money, Money-Coins, Status, Thriftness, Other,
    Food Baking-Bread-Cereal, Beer-Wine-Liquor, Butter, Chocolate, Coffee, Cookies-Candy, Dessert-Snacks, Eggs, Fruit, Meat-Fish, Milk-Cream-Cheese, Pizza-Pasta, Soda-Juice, Soup, Spices-Condiments, Tea, Vegetables-Salads, Water-Ice, Other,
    Government Depts-Agencies, Elections, Politicians, SocialBenefits, Taxes, Wars, Other,
    Habits Responses, Other,
    Handicapped Blind, Deaf, People, Other,
    Health Death, Diet, Disease, Exercise, Illness, Medicine, Prevention, Smoking, Other,
    Household Bathroom, Bedrooms, Cleaning-Maintenance, Doors-Windows, Furnishings-Appliances, Kitchen, Laundry, Lawn-Yard, Shopping, Walls-Floors, Other,
    Items Batteries-Flashlights, Books, Clocks, Insurance, Mirrors, OfficeSupplies, Photographs, Signs-Toys, Toilets, Tools, Other,
    Justice Courts, Police, Other,
    Language Definitions, Dictionary, Phrases, Poetry, Pronunciation, Spelling, Structure, Words, Other,
    Miscellaneous Actions, Advice, Cannibalism, Colours, Dreams, Fire, LostItems, Measurement, Numbers, Truth, Other,
    Movies Action-Thriller, Adventure, Horror-Suspense, Superheros, Other,
    Occupations Cowboys, Entertainer, Legal, Medical, NewsReporters, Pilots, Postal, Psychics, Research, Sales-Trades, Vegetarians, Other,
    People Ancestors, Babies, Children, Females, Friends, Males, Men-Women, MiddleAge, Names, Noah, Origins, Parents, Poor, Protestors, Seniors, Siblings, Spouse, Teenagers, Other,
    Philosophy Life, Quotes, Quotes-Actions, Quotes-People, Quotes-Things, Things, Thinking, Yourself, Other,
    Places Churches, Cities, Countries-Eastern, Countries-Western, Elevators, Escalators, Hospitals, Landmarks, Prov-States, Other,
    Recreation Dancing, Drawing, Fishing, Gambling, Gardening, Hiking, Hunting, Jogging, Music, MusicalInstruments, Songs, Other,
    Situation Luck, Mistakes, Sleep, Trouble,
    Sports Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Cycling, Football, Golf, Hockey, Olympics, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Wrestling, Other,
    Technology Computers, Email, Hardware, Internet, Software, Webpage, Other,
    Time Days-Months, Past, Usage, Other,
    Travel Airplanes, Airports, AirSafety, AutoDesign, Autos, AutoSafety, Boats, Busses, Garages, Highways, ParkingLots, RoadSigns, Taxies, Traffic, TrafficLights, Trains, Other,
    Weather Clouds, Disasters, Hot-Cold, Rain, Wind-Storms, Winter, Other,
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